"Minnows" rehearsing for  The First Song Ever Sung

"Minnows" rehearsing for The First Song Ever Sung

Camp Shenanigans

Parents!   Be sure to visit the Camp Shenanigans website or go directly to the camp registration.   

Camp Shenanigans' mission is to offer child centered/directed performing arts experiences/explorations.  Every program is community-specific and is based on the Hundred Languages/Reggio Emilia Approach.  

Camps are designed to give kids tools to better express themselves and connect with creativity, both on stage and in the world.  By working closely with professional artists, children are encouraged to learn through play and exploration, and share their ideas in collaboration and/or performance.  

 The result is an environment and a artistic product that can both be described as "kid culture."

Programs at St. James Church, 222 8th Street NE

Play in A Day

...is a fun and engaging day camp in which children learn to express their ideas and coordination to create  a staged performance  Each day includes time spent doing movement, drama/improv, set design, costumes and a 4 pm performance! 

Summer camps

...are week-long performing arts camps based around a central theme.  Past themes include: the circus, film, Irish music/dance, radio/podcasts, percussion.  Each camp features performance/demos/workshops by working professional artists in that field.    

For registration, more information, or a complete list of programs,  visit Camp Shenanigans