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Slow Down Tommy

Slow Down Tommy presents intelligent, spirited arrangements of traditional tunes and songs from Irish and Old Time traditions.  Layered melodies, provided by the unique blend of Irish flute, claw-hammer banjo, and concertina, are anchored by cello, piano, and guitar.   Vocals range from solo ballads to 5 part harmonies, and visual and percussive excitement is added by lively percussive dance. 

Shannon (concertina, piano, vocals, percussive dance)  is Wendy with the Lost Boys, so to speak,  joined by fellow shoestring bandits...

...Marty Frye (flute, banjo, guitar), a multi-instrumentalist who grew up playing in the Washington DC Irish music session scene.   He has been part of many music projects, most recently the album and concert "The Clara Barton Sessions".  

...Anders Fahey (clawhammer banjo, mandolin, foot percussion, vocals), a versatile banjoist, guitarist, arranger, music educator, and trained ethnomusicologist who initially moved out to Washington DC in 2012 to pursue an internship at Smithsonian Folkways and has since been deeply involved in DC’s performing arts scene.  He is a founding member of the celebrated vocal trio Ballad've. 

...David McKindley-Ward (guitar, banjo, vocals), who grew up singing sea shanties in tight harmony with his 2 brothers, and has played numerous concerts and festivals as part of Letitia Van Sant and the Bonafides.

...Jonathan Een Newton (cello, bouzouki), a multi-instrumentalist and composer whose talents include anything with strings (or brushes, we learned recently!).  Though his family traditions are based in classical and Norwegian music, he shares his talents with a wide range of musical acts, including the Ethiopian group Kino Musica.  

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